What is a crisis communications holding statement?

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A crisis communications holding statement is a short, concise statement that is issued by a company or organisation during a crisis situation to acknowledge the crisis and provide a limited amount of information while more detailed information is being gathered. A holding statement is typically used as a temporary measure until a more comprehensive response can be developed.


Holding statements should be carefully crafted and should include the following elements:


1. Acknowledgment of the crisis: The statement should acknowledge that a crisis has occurred and provide a brief overview of the situation.


2. Limited information: The statement should provide a limited amount of factual information about the crisis, such as the time it occurred, the location, and any known injuries or damages.


3. Empathy and concern: The statement should express empathy and concern for anyone who may have been affected by the crisis.


4. Actions taken: The statement should outline any actions that have been taken in response to the crisis, such as evacuating the area or contacting authorities.


5. Next steps: The statement should provide an update on any ongoing efforts to address the crisis, such as an investigation or clean-up efforts.


Holding statements are typically used to communicate with the media, but they can also be used to communicate with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.


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