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Before we get stuck into the general property news of the week, below are the local and international stories that might be of particular interest: 

TikTok marketing ireland


  • Does your construction or real estate brand need to reach a new audience? Above is a snapshot of the first 48-hours of a new TikTok channel started for a pre-launch startup. Right now, TikTok’s organic reach is unparalleled. Contact the team to explore options for your brand 


















  • Nearly $2bn has been spent on virtual land in the past 12 months, as people and companies race to get a foothold in the metaverse. But we are years away from the metaverse emerging as a single immersive space where people can live, work and play. So is the land grab one big gamble?


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Sonitus Systems’ Paul McDonald: Increasing Demand for Sound Sensors in Smart Buildings 

In the Proptech Hot Seat this week Paul McDonald, MD of Sonitus Systems, discusses the growing importance of acoustic awareness for workplaces and the technologies supporting this.

Hear more about how the team at Sonitus Systems are helping smart buildings owners and occupiers to monitor and manage noise. 

Watch back and listen back: 

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Move quickly to reduce number of cars on Dublin streets: Paris transport chief: The city’s deputy mayor says resistance is to be expected to new transport plans that target cars, but that urban spaces need to be reimagined for the 21st century




  • Cork council approach dioceses and religious groups seeking property for housing: “there could still be potential there, amongst various religious groups or institutions, that there may be either land or property that isn’t being used.”












  • Castleisland ‘best placed to expand’ with services to cater for growing population: With its attractive setting, abundant school places, and versatile location, Castleisland is poised to grow in the coming years. But local leaders want to see it become much more than a commuter town


  • Community group challenges plans for almost 100 houses and several shops in Kerry Pike: The Clogheen/Kerry Pike Community Association said local area plan for Kerry Pike said further growth should not exceed 10% of the village’s existing population

















  • Cork Minister ‘optimistic’ for more housing developments to come on stream: Mr McGrath made the comments while speaking to reporters in Cork yesterday at the official opening of NetApp’s new international headquarters on Albert Quay.
















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