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Season 5, Episode 5: Property Matters, February 8th, 2022 

“We live in communities; our research indicates that employees want to work in them too,” Damien Kilgannon, Real Estate Director at Fine Grain Property


Part 1:  Bryan Fox interviews Marion Cashman, Architect and Vice-Chairperson of the Dublin Democratic Planning Alliance, which is an alliance supported by more than 65 neighbourhood associations, communities and individuals across the Dublin area, with the shared aim of promoting housing and development that meets the needs of society i.e. development that is sustainable and driven by social needs and demands with the participation of the citizen. 

Part 2: Damien Kilgannon, Real Estate Director at Fine Grain Property talks to Carol Tallon about the ESG ambitions of the company, including tenant and community engagement mission  – friends, facilities, futures. He also talks about the results of their most recent survey on the future of the workplace, which found that 78% of office workers in Ireland want to work in dedicated office spaces at least some of the time. More than half (51%) of the workforce would split the working week between home and the office, if given the choice, and 27% would prefer to be entirely office-based.


Other findings: Half (49%) of the companies polled by Fine Grain Property expect the size of their workforce to grow in the next five years, 42% expect it to stay the same and just 8% say numbers employed will fall. The research also suggests that workers have missed so-called ‘water cooler moments’ – serendipitous occasions in which staff interact socially at work – while working from home. Ninety per cent of employees say the social aspect of the office is the best thing about returning to the workplace. Getting out of the house (78%), having a dedicated workspace (66%) and collaboration time (62%) also scored highly.

Younger workers are more likely to welcome a return to the office. Half (48%) of staff aged under 35 are pleased about returning to the office, versus 38% of workers in general; 32% of under 35s are disappointed, versus 42% of those aged 35 to 44.

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  • The long and winding road to solving Cork’s dereliction blight : Walk around Cork city and it’s easy to see the derelict sites and buildings. But why are these very public eyesores so difficult to clean up? Who is responsible? Is enough being done?














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