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#Property Roundup


On #PropertyRoundup host Carol Tallon chats to Setanta Landers, Partner at Setanta Solicitors. Setanta joins Carol to discuss the “Locals Only” Rule and the Sustainable Rural Housing guidelines established in 2005. 

This rule prioritises local residents in rural construction projects to protect rural culture and integrity. Its potentially discriminatory nature has been criticised, with the European Union highlighting legal concerns reminiscent of the 2013 ‘Flemish Decree’ case in Belgium. The Court of Justice of the European Union found such rules restrictive, potentially infringing on EU Free Movement principles. While many Irish authorities maintain the rule, efforts to reconcile it with EU Law are ongoing, indicating a complex balance between local preservation and EU standards.


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*Proptech Hot seat is sponsored by Proptech Ireland, the hub for innovators, investors and industry leaders.*


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This week on #BreakingGround host Carol Tallon talks to Stephen Barrett, Whole Life Carbon Project Lead at the Irish Green Building Council. Stephen joins us to discuss INDICATE Clinics and The Climate Action Plan (Action 198). 

Contact Stephen directly to join the next INDICATE clinic on August 23rd at 12:30pm. 


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  • Last historic lane on Cork street gated as part of student housing development – It’s understood that there will be public access to the lane in the day but that students will access their accommodation from the lane with a key fob at night




  • Opponents of new homeless facility in Limerick city say area is already at ‘saturation point’: Business owners and residents stress they fully support SVP’s work, but say ‘we are reaching a saturation point of social services in the Georgian Quarter’







  • Developers plan to mount legal challenge over land tax decision – Landowners seek advice over their inclusion on residential zoning maps: Landowners will be liable to pay a 3 per cent tax on the market value of their land from February 1, 2024 – In recent weeks, the retail group Hammerson, Dublin City University and the developers Ardstone, Michael O’Flynn, the Cosgraves, the Comer brothers and Cairn have lost appeals against decisions to have their sites included on the maps, which would oblige them to pay the tax. 













  • New €22m development at Cork hospital provides state-of-the-art operating theatres with plans for robotic surgery: The building contains two state-of-the-art operating theatres, one of which is a hybrid theatre.
























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