StreetDots is the world’s first and only digital placemaking platform

We are working with every single real estate sector to breathe life into new and existing developments.

We work with the largest real estate companies in the world and now have 200+ trading locations spread across the capital.
Some of our clients include: TFL, CBRE, Savills, U+I, British Land, Brookfield, Here East, Grosvenor, Westfield, Segro, TH Real Estate, Great Portland Estates, and many more!
Our business model is very unique, as our vital collaborators are our traders, land operators, and consumers – wrapped up in a ‘real’ marketplace.
We split our earnings with our land operators. This is a very attractive offer for the real estate community as we do all of the work in managing the dots form the initial site survey, vendor compliance right through to daily management of sites and online support. Our land partners can make up to £90k with a single fully activated dot. On average, our partners make £30k p.a.
Our database now hosts 2000+ traders across f&b, food retail, retail, wellbeing, and more. This is the largest active group of mobile vendors in the world. Each vendor trades on our ‘dots’ using either a bicycle, cart, tuk-tuk, gazebo, trailer or truck! We are all about mobile and flexible trading.
The fact that we can “roll on and roll off’ means that our land partners can curate the placemaking experience and ensure that there is enough rotation to keep the offers fresh and exciting. It gives our vendors an amazing chance to trade in new locations building a city wide fanbase in a short amount of time.
Each vehicle is banded, and each dot is banded, so that we can perfectly market match to compliment one another.
We are working to help solve the housing crisis by activating developments with no existing community or infrastructure. We are also helping commercial real estate by giving them data on their land, increasing footfall, additional revenue and free marketing. Brand new developments like International Quarter London in Stratford are working with us to enliven areas during the construction phase – to start the placemaking journey early on!
We have been breeding entrepreneurs since 2014 and are still welcoming independent brands who require a physical and digital presence. Large brands can use our services to get direct in front of customers with new offers.
This is a great opportunity for Real Estate, as we can help enliven new day parts – like night time fun in office districts etc. We can bring early morning offerings for the early risers and so on.
StreetDots is the future of placemaking. Watch this space.

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