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The dynamics of the property industry are varied and complex.  This is an industry that is increasingly coming under pressure from external detractors, as such, effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful development from pre-planning to the eventual occupation by the homeowner or tenant.  At PropertyDistrict, we only work with construction and property businesses; we understand the politics of planning, the sensitivities of social delivery and we actively assist in the public engagement process.

As the only communications firm in Ireland dedicated to serving the construction and property industries only, we are uniquely placed to shape the communications strategy around niche residential developments and large, mixed-use projects throughout the Republic of Ireland. As members of our team have come from a property media background, we have a record in creating extensive and tactical exposure for our clients. Our expanding team is focused solely on the property and constructions industries; this makes our expertise within the Irish market unrivalled.

Thought leadership has never been so vital for Ireland’s planning, construction and property industries. For this reason, our team seeks out opportunities for clients to contribute to local and national media on issues affecting the marketplace.

The reality is that corporate communications has changed. The Property District contemporary communications and public relations offering includes bespoke industry research, data visualisation, ghost writing, industry publication editorial, social media management, NLP training, radio and podcasting, video content, 360 video and photography, virtual and augmented reality,


Industry-Specific Media Training

The Property District PR & New Media team provides contemporary media training for members of the planning, construction and property industries across Ireland and the UK. This training may be provided within our Citywest Campus offices or may be delivered in-house for client organisations. Irrespective of the location, all of our media training is bespoke and tailored to the pre-defined, and agreed upon, needs of the organisation. This dynamic training will show delegates how to distill messages into memorable ‘microscripts’ and deliver same authentically to ensure powerfully effective and enjoyable communication.  

This can be done as part of developing an overall communications strategy for the organisation or for a particular project. Training will ensure that a unified message springs forth from your organisation and that everyone stays ‘on message’.

Given the unique sensitivities surrounding planning issues, and the current complexities of the construction and property industries, it is vital that delegates learn techniques to triumph in challenging and even hostile media interviews as this is a likely occurrence. The key is to resist the human urge to defend and, instead, engage on the issues to present the organisation’s key messages in a truly engaging manner.

We achieve this by working with small groups and recording all training in three formats: telephone only, in-person radio interview (as live) and television (as live), in individual and panel sessions. These recordings are then played back for instant analysis and do-over.


Property District is Ireland’s leading communications & PR agency for the planning, construction, property and proptech industries.

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