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The dynamics of the property industry are varied and complex. This is an industry that is increasingly coming under pressure from external detractors, as such, effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful development from pre-planning to the eventual occupation by the homeowner or tenant. At PropertyDistrict, we only work with construction and property businesses; we understand the politics of planning, the sensitivities of social delivery and we actively assist in the public engagement process.


Placemaking is not a new concept, the term has been used for decades to describe a more holistic approach to urban development. Initially, placemaking was focused solely on public spaces and offered a mechanism to get communities involved at early design stage and then kept them engaged until such time as the communities themselves effectively became the ongoing curators of the space. Today, this remit has broadened and placemaking is now a key function of every State or private property developer and home builder.


Proptech involves the use of property industry-specific technology to offer consumers a better, faster, more personal and more interconnected service when they are engaging with the industry. The technology should set about solving existing problems in the market. This explains why development was primarily consumer rather than industry-driven, although this is changing in the post-pandemic world. In practice, the industry is still working from the same understanding of the customer that we had more than a decade ago. Meaningful innovation must be based on what this current generation of renters and buyers actually want. And it is not just about current need, this new sector will need to pre-empt future needs. This is where technology savants need to reach out to seasoned property pros, or vice versa; there must be an understanding of the current system before it came be broken apart so that the vital elements are retained.

The Agile Agent

The property market in Ireland has fallen behind in terms of strategic innovation and use of emerging technologies. Despite the turmoil of the past few years, not many big players used the opportunity to innovate or to change how new homes or rental properties are delivered. In fact, any progress that was made came from new – usually independent – entrants to the industry and was primarily consumer-driven. This head-in-sand approach is simply not sustainable for property businesses. Consumers are demanding a more efficient system of buying, selling and renting property in Ireland that fits their mobile lifestyle. Uncertainty and lack of cash flow stunted progress in the past, however, as the market upturn continues, now is the time for estate agents and auctioneers to look at how digital can transform how they do business for the better.


Property District provides creative, high impact, digital media content for property developers and estate agencies. Content includes bespoke blogs, infographics, 360 video and photography, podcasts, webinars, virtual reality and augmented reality, and strategic campaigns for new housing developments.


Property District partners with regular industry events, seminars, book launches and CPD training. Our experienced team provides strategic and operational advice on bespoke industry events and exhibitions. Areas covered include the speaker line-up, sponsorship opportunities, State support, targeted promotion and relevant press opportunities.


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