Strategic communications and construction marketing for construction and real estate organisations


The dynamics of the property industry are varied and complex. This is an industry that is increasingly coming under pressure from external detractors, as such, effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful development from pre-planning to the eventual occupation by the homeowner or tenant. At PropertyDistrict, we only work with construction and property businesses; we understand the politics of planning, the sensitivities of social delivery and we actively assist in the public engagement process.


Placemaking is not a new concept, the term has been used for decades to describe a more holistic approach to urban development. Initially, placemaking was focused solely on public spaces and offered a mechanism to get communities involved at early design stage and then kept them engaged until such time as the communities themselves effectively became the ongoing curators of the space. Today, this remit has broadened and placemaking is now a key function of every State or private property developer and home builder.


We do social, so you don’t have to

In 2020, 3.6 billion people worldwide used social media. This is on track to grow to 4.4 billion people by 2025, which is over half of all humans on the planet. 

And Ireland is not immune… In 2021, 3.77 million people – approximately 75 percent of the population – were social media users. This figure is projected to increase to 4.1 million social media users by 2026.  Also, social media advertising is the second-biggest market in digital ads, second only to search. What does this mean for businesses? Ignoring social media is no longer an option. Here we help with construction marketing for consrtuction business in Ireland.


Property District is Ireland’s only industry-specific communications agency. Our team has decades of combined experience working with property, construction and community leaders, helping them to navigate critical communications when issues arise.

While every issue is unique, your organisation will benefit from our experience, our deep industry knowledge, and from our integrity-driven approach to pre-empting and responding to issues.

The protection of your organisation’s reputation, and that of key personnel, demands expert guidance. Where possible, our work in this area encompasses both pre-emptive and responsive strategies and approaches, across traditional, trade and social media.


Property District provides creative, high impact, digital media content for property developers and estate agencies. Content includes bespoke blogs, infographics, 360 video and photography, podcasts, webinars, virtual reality and augmented reality, and strategic campaigns for new housing developments.


The property market in Ireland has fallen behind in terms of strategic innovation and use of emerging technologies; for real estate companies to be successful, innovation is now a critical competency. At Property District, we are experts on the Irish property marketplace; we do not believe in change for the sake of change, but we know that no business is immune to the need for progress, irrespective of size or scale.  The choice for property businesses is whether they wish to lead or follow that change. There is a genuine opportunity for leaders in this space to show some meaningful, actionable, thought leadership, this is where the team at Property District can help.


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