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The property market in Ireland has fallen behind in terms of strategic innovation and use of emerging technologies.  Despite the turmoil of the past few years, not many big players used the opportunity to innovate or to change how new homes or rental properties are delivered.  In fact, any progress that was made came from new – usually independent – entrants to the industry and was primarily consumer-driven.  This head-in-sand approach is simply not sustainable for property businesses.  Consumers are demanding a more efficient system of buying, selling and renting property in Ireland that fits their mobile lifestyle.  Uncertainty and lack of cash flow stunted progress in the past, however, as the market upturn continues, now is the time for estate agents and auctioneers to look at how digital can transform how they do business for the better.

At Property District, we are experts on the Irish property marketplace; we do not believe in change for the sake of change, but we know that no business is immune to the need for progress, irrespective of size or scale.  The world has changed, consumers have put up with inefficiencies within the market in the past as property is only an occasional transaction, but this is already starting to change.  The choice for property businesses is whether they wish to lead or follow that change.  There is a genuine opportunity for leaders in this space to show some meaningful, actionable, thought leadership, this is where the team at Property District can help.


The Agile Agent – getting Ireland’s property marketplace digital by default


The Agile Agent is a 12-month digital transformation programme for independent Irish estate agents and auctioneers, which runs from September – August. This programme will be delivered by a multi-disciplinary Irish and UK team and will go beyond proptech adoption to help agents get their industry digital by default.

The ‘buddy system’ is something that we have been trialling among a few existing clients in an informal way and when it works, that is to say, when trust is formed and real sharing starts to happen, it is great for both agencies. By the way, this is something that I encourage all agents (and all businesses for that matter!) to try out, it can be a great resource, like an experienced but objective sounding board.


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