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The term PropTech refers to the technology that is either designed for or is used to innovate the planning, construction and property industries.

Proptech involves the use of property industry-specific technology to offer consumers a better, faster, more personal and more interconnected service when they are engaging with the industry. The technology should set about solving existing problems in the market. This explains why development was primarily consumer rather than industry-driven, although this is changing as we approach 2020. In practice, the industry is still working from the same understanding of the customer that we had more than a decade ago. Meaningful innovation must be based on what this current generation of renters and buyers actually want. And it is not just about current need, this new sector will need to pre-empt future needs. This is where technology savants need to reach out to seasoned property pros, or vice versa; there must be an understanding of the current system before it came be broken apart so that the vital elements are retained.

Property District is the Irish hub for industry-specific technology designed for property industry, or #PropTech as it better known. Feeding from existing State and private incubator programmes across Ireland and beyond, Proptech Ireland is now rolling out a CONTINUUM programme to link market-ready solution-providers with ready clients.

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