Corporate Social Responsibility

Industry Specific CSR

It is no longer good enough for construction and property businesses to donate a cheque to some local charity and call it CSR.  The reality is that resources spent addressing social needs without the structure of a business model are unsustainable and therefore incapable of having any significant impact. Cash donations are, in fact, the least effective use of an organisations talents and resources.  If businesses truly wants to contribute in an impactful way, then leveraging their position, their influence, their willingness to innovate and their ability to deliver is the best way to achieve this.  We can help you with this.

Successful CSR does, and rightfully so, have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.  Keeping this bottom line growing is what will fuel further CSR projects and there are tangible opportunities for the property and construction community to re-define what Corporate Social Responsibility looks like in the context of the current housing crisis.

For examples of successful industry-specific CSR projects in action see these CSR case studies on Carol

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