INNOVATING PR: Amplify your press release with audio

Have I got your attention?


The traditional and digital PR landscape is getting ever busier and ever noisier, it can be difficult to get your voice heard above the noise, even when you have something important to say.

At Property District, we understand this – to work with innovators, we know the value of walking the walk and we are delighted to launch the latest in audio press release technology for our clients.

From our in-house podcasting studios in Dublin and Galway, Property District – in partnership with Hear Me Roar Media –  will now be offering audio press releases as a part of helping clients deliver on their PR strategy. Audio press releases are not only an excellent way to highlight the most important part of your press release, they also give you a voice to share thought leadership in sound bites that elevate your brand’s message, that can be shared across national and local radio, and across the ever-increasing podcasting networks.


Power of audio press releases

Audio press releases offer a range of advantages that set them apart from the traditional written press releases. These have the potential to be a game-changer for brands who are looking to communicate an important message, in the most compelling way possible.

  • Extended reach: Unlike traditional press releases, audio press releases can be sent to a broader audience, not limited to radio newsrooms. They can be sent to journalists, bloggers, podcasters, anyone your target audience may be engaging with.
  • Great storytelling: They establish a spokesperson as a skilled communicator without the need for a pre-interview.
  • New content: Audio press releases can work in line with written press releases, pushing your message and increasing your chances of gaining traction. They can add an additional layer of depth to your PR strategy.
  • Efficient: Audio press releases can actually save time for both journalists and clients or spokespeople. They streamline the information delivery process, making it more convenient for all involved.
  • Controlled environment: This method allows clients to address challenging questions in a controlled environment. If an interview becomes risky from a PR point of view, audio releases offer an alternative method of conveying key information.
  • No Interview Required: Even if journalists don’t ask for an interview, they might still find value in using the audio clip, further extending the reach of your message.


When Do Audio Press Releases Work Best?

While audio press releases offer a number of benefits, the key to successful uptake will be to prepare and deliver them effectively.

  • Writing the script: The best audio clips sound like an interview, addressing specific questions that a journalist might ask. They should provide valuable information rather than talking about company achievements.
  • Audience focus: Consider the audience you want to reach. Creating multiple focused pieces is often more effective than one general clip. Journalists are more likely to air content that resonates with their specific audience.
  • Natural delivery: Ensure the script sounds natural for your representative. Allow time for them to reread and rewrite the clips to make them feel authentic. To make audio releases more engaging, have someone act as an interviewer on the opposite side of the mic.
  • Practice: Always do a practice run to warm up before recording. This ensures a smoother delivery.
  • Long and short versions: Consider creating both long and short versions of your audio release. This flexibility allows you to cater to different audiences and platforms.


Remote recording options

Property District can also assist with onsite record in Dublin or Galway, or with remote recording and editing where necessary, providing all the necessary tools that can help streamline this production process for PR success.


PR is changing, it’s all about authenticity and connecting with a new audience – the right audience – for your business. You control the message, while inviting a conversation that adds value to your consumer-base and opens doors to greater levels of engagement.

If you are curious about how to reach a new audience in the digital PR era, and you have something of value to say, contact to discuss how your brand can use audio press releases to maximum PR impact.


Katie Tallon MPRII, is a PR & Events Specialist at Property District, with a particular focus on serving clients innovating Ireland’s built environment.


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