Blackbee to launch renewable energy and social housing funds next year

According to an article in the Business Post on the weekend, investment firm Blackbee is planning to launch social housing and renewable energy funds. In an interview with Ian Guider of the Business Post, David O’Shea, Blackbee’s founder and chief executive, said the company was looking at investment in solar power and is expected to launch next year.

David O’Shea is responsible for the overall management of the firm and according to the Blackbee website, he has spent the last 15 years working as a trader and portfolio manager, developing knowledge and expertise in the asset management industry in Ireland, Italy and Switzerland. David’s experience covers bond, equity, currency and structured product investments. He boasts a proven track record of managing a wide array of investment products and success in developing investment portfolios for clients.

Blackbee’s business is structured to provide its team with the autonomy, technology and support to deliver great ideas and quality service. The company applies a collective approach to generating new ideas and at all times promote transparency. Its obligation to clients is not to make forecasts, instead it is to explain economic events, place them in context, and build investment ideas around the likely winners. The company currently employs 40 people with the aim to grow the team to 100 over the next 18 months according to the Business Post. 

According to a recent article by CorkBeo, BlackBee aims to become Ireland’s largest private residential care group, with plans for 1,000 new single en suite bed units and the acquisition of 750 more which will operate under the Aperee brand. The group is on the verge of buying two existing nursing homes in the Munster area. The nursing homes – including the one planned for Glanmire – will also include a creche and montessori school.

Blackbee has been successful in the west side of the country but as it progresses towards 2020 there will be more of a focus on the east side of the country with more news to come – no doubt!


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