Bisnow: Dublin State of the Market 2020

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What You’ll Learn


  1. Where’s Hot, Where’s Not, Where’s Next in 2020? How can Dublin & outstanding locations absorb more investment whilst tackling the byproducts (i.e. affordability, mobility, sustainability) of urban growth?
  2. How is Dublin responding to changes in design, tech and sustainability measures?
  3. What type of improvements do Dublin’s transport system and residential market need to see in the new year to boost its attractiveness for investment?
  4. How are domestics and international investors diversifying and optimising their portfolio in today’s climate?
  5. What are the downsides of the Central Bank Mortgage Measures and Regulations? Will they still be here in 5 (or 10) years?

Why This Matters

Dublin’s attractiveness for real estate investment has declined over the past year, pushing Dublin from being the 3rd down to the 12th most desirable place to invest in out of 31 European cities. According to ULI and PwC, sentiments have softened due to an unorganized Brexit, a dysfunctional transport system and an evolving housing crisis.
While the city’s attractiveness may have declined, Dublin’s office take-up has been record-breaking and overall market performance has been strong. But since entering the 11th year of a bull cycle for the first time, the question on many investors’ lips is: Are we facing an imminent financial crash? Or will the real estate sector’s fortunes continue to be favorable?

Our Dublin State of the Market 2020 event will not only examine what the recession risk might mean for investment but also dive into international capital flows, where and how the industry can seek the safest and greatest returns, how developers are diversifying their portfolios in today’s climate and how tech, social value, and sustainability pushing the industry to rethink capitalism.


*Further details and tickets:


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