3D Concrete Printing in Ireland

Earlier this week, our newest team member, Katie Tallon MPRII, took part in a 3D Concrete Printing course with FutureCast (https://futurecast.info/), with thanks to Caitríona Ní Aimhirgín, Consultant at FutureCast and Women in Construction & Quarrying champion…


3D Concrete Printing Ireland


This week, I had the opportunity to attend a one-day women’s only 3D Concrete Printing course, in association with Women In Construction and Quarrying, and it was an eye-opening experience. The course was designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technology and methods used in the construction industry. The course was given by Mark McGowan of Future Cast and Dr. Marchant Van Der Heever, 3D Construction Printing Specialist and CTO of Harcourt Technologies LTD (https://www.htl.tech/who-we-are). 


The demand for new housing remains extremely high (four billion homes are needed to meet current housing needs in the world as we learn – and quarter of a million of these new homes are needed in Ireland right now!) and recruitment into the trades remains challenging. The course started with an introduction to the basics of 3D printing technology and its application in the construction industry with some past projects presented including a school in Africa and social housing in Europe. Mark provided an overview of the various types of 3D printers, both small and large, and the materials they use as a starting point when building the various components for the COBOD printers. We also learned about the different types of concrete mixtures and their properties.


Next, we got to see a 3D printer in action. The printer that we witnessed was a smaller one for one storey buildings that is currently being used for education, and other smaller projects. Outside was a larger COBOD capable of concrete printing buildings up to three storeys high, this one also happens to be the largest in Ireland. We observed how the printer was programmed and the true intelligence of how it works. 


The course came to an end with a discussion of the future of 3D printing in the construction industry. We learned about the potential for 3D printing to revolutionise the way buildings are designed and constructed, making construction faster, cheaper, and more sustainable. It truly provided a comprehensive overview of the latest technology and methods used in the construction industry and offered hands-on experience with 3D printing technology. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the modern methods of construction. It is open to architects, technical staff as well as design and structural engineers and building contractors interested in the newest methods of construction.


Katie Tallon, MPRII

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katietallonireland/


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@ipropertyradio Women in Construction & Quarrying Ireland (WICQI) in association with AMTCE – Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence and LMETB Skills offered a 3D construction printing course today- delighted to have been in attendance today and see first hand how a COBOD works! #womeninconstruction #FutureCast #WICQI #Innovation #3DPrinting #AMTCE #LMETB ♬ original sound – iProperty Radio


Also, check out the range of courses current available through FutureCast at: https://futurecast.info/shop/




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